What is a running tour?

A running tour is just what it sounds like - a guided sightseeing tour that takes place on the run.


Where does the tour go?

Unless specified, our ‘default’ route is our City Centre run. See our Tours page for more details.

What pace do you run?

Pace is determined by the participants of the tour.  These are fun, casual tours, meant to include all running abilities.  Typically, the pace is between 10 - 11 minutes miles, with multiple stops for photo opportunities and learning about the surroundings.

Is there somewhere to leave my bag or luggage?

There are luggage storage areas which charge a fee nearby - see https://bagbnb.com/luggage-storage/glasgow.

Are there toilets?

There are no scheduled toilet stops.

What if I am running late and cannot make the tour?

Please plan on arriving 5 minutes prior to the tour start time, so we can depart on time.  If you are running late, just text or call me.  I will try to wait for you whenever possible within reason.  

What if it's raining?

It’s usually raining in Glasgow so come prepared! We run our tours rain, shine, sleet and snow so unless there is extreme weather that makes the tour dangerous, we will run.


Will there be water?

It’s recommended that you bring some water, especially on a (rare) hot day. There will be a choice of refreshment at the end of the tour.

Have additional questions not answered here? Just email me